Agripreneurs Africa is a social enterprise registered in 2014 in Ghana with the registrar general’s department specialized in assisting rural farmers to overcome poverty through value chain linkage to financial services and markets. with the aim of helping improving livelihoods and achieving food security. We train smallholder farmers to enhance crop management practices to increase yield, reduce post-harvest losses, diversify production and improve value chain effectiveness. Since 2014 we have worked with more than 950 smallholder farmers in horticultural value chains as well as many agricultural enterprises. Our vision is to see a world free from the extremes of absolute poverty; one where all people have enough food to feed on, a world free from hunger and unemployment. We are building a global community of smallholder farmers and agripreneurs towards socially, environmentally and economically sustainable agribusiness initiatives, poverty alleviation, employment and wealth creation. At Agripreneurs Africa we believe in picking up successful govt led interventions and scaling up to national and sub regional levels to benefit a wider group. (

We are an agribusiness company located in Uganda (East Africa) that provides farming & agricultural information to farmers and stakeholders. Among others services, we also offer, farming and agricultural consultancy, agri-tourism, farmers’ capacity building & training, Agric-technology services, agriculture conferences and expo and we also link buyers of agricultural produce to farmers. We noticed a visible information gap and a lack of practical knowledge and skill in the agricultural & farming sector in Uganda and Africa in general, which is partly the cause of high unemployment rate, poverty, and hunger in the country. We aim at informing existing farmers, and inspiring youth and women to engage in agriculture and see agriculture as the employer and this will bring a significant contribution to the nation, reduce the unemployment rate, poverty and hunger as well as advancement of knowledge in African nations’ particularly the Ugandan farming and agricultural sector. We focus on livestock farming but also tackles other critical areas like vegetables, legumes, cereals, root tubers, fruits and general farming. Our target is to inform and encourage the existing farmers and inspire the youth & women to engage in agriculture.